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Art For Beginners

Now if you’re one of those people convinced they are left brained and don’t have an artistic bone in their body but secretly harbor desires of painting dramatic water colour  seascapes or fascinating charcoal nudes then listen up! Art is for you too!

Too many people shy away from art, too scared to even start because they can’t imagine they would be any good at it. Or they may try one or two sketches and unhappy with the results put away the pencil for good. I’m here to convince you not to give up.

Art is one of those amazing things that covers so many areas. Yes some people are simply born with the ability to draw exactly what they see and make it look like a masterpiece straight away, or to sketch a few effortless lines that all of a sudden become something beautiful and mesmerizing. But just because of you may not be born with this particular talent, doesn’t mean it’s not something you are able to foster and grow in time and with patience.

You may never meet masterpiece level but art is not about the end game, art is just about creating as a form of expression. So pick up a pen, pencil, paintbrush and get to it.

Finding your medium

If you are wanting to try art but have no real idea where to begin, it helps to work out first which medium you are best suited to. A medium is the form you will channel your art through, be it acrylic on canvas or water colour, simple sketches in a notebook. The best way to discover what suits you is by trying them all out. You don’t have to go overboard and order up an entire art store though. First start by looking at the art that inspires you or you find beautiful, find the medium and have a go, no need to be buying expensive gear just yet, you may use your child’s crayons or a friends left over paints. Play around and see what feels best for you, what excites you the most or seems to flow the easiest.

Discovering your style

Once you have found the medium in which you feel the most comfortable then it’s time to find your style. Now before you get too over excited remember it took even the greats years and sometimes decades to really find their own style and refine it. So right now we are not talking so much about an award wining unique style, these things come with time but more just what you like to create, what inspires you, is it nature, animals people or more abstract and do you just like playing with colour. Have fun trying out different styles and seeing which ones you are more drawn too. You don’t have to lock yourself in to drawing on particular thing, still-life’s of fruit in a basket! But it can often help to develop your skill sin the beginning with starting off simple instead of spreading yourself to thin.

Getting out there

Going to art classes can be a great way to improve your skills and to be surrounded by others trying to do the same. You can offer encouragement to each other and art can be a great way to socialize and meet new people on the side. Art lessons or classes can often be found at community centers and be one or two nights a week so you are not having to quit your day job to pursue this new hobby. They can also be great as you will be guided by passionate artists who can help you refine your own style. Art classes are also a great way to become accountable for practicing your art. It is always so easy to pick up a few paintbrushes buy some canvas and within a few weeks loose patience and then your new passion ends up collecting dust, but if you accountable for going to a class every week you can be more inspired to persevere and meet others who are trying to do the same which can be a great encouragement.

Simple Suggestions

Some simple ways to get a start with your art is just by buying a sketch book and some nice pencils. You can get a small book that is easy to carry around and so you’re able to pull it out when the mood takes you or when you see the look of something you like. From a simple sketch you can later build on this to become a whole picture.

Another great way is to take pictures of inspiring things, this can be done easily on your smartphone. If you see a lovely scene that captivates you or even the colour of the ocean or sky or a reflection in a puddle, take a picture and later when you have time take a look at it and study the textures and colours. Whether you try to produce a likeness or just an abstract version is up to you and the style you like best.

Stay light

Like I have said before art can take time so stay light hearted about it. Don’t expect to become a master in a few months, instead be in it for the journey. Don’t throw away your old art that you deem terrible, keep it to show yourself how far you are coming along with your current artwork. It’s important to also be open to suggestions and constructive criticism for other artists if you are genuinely trying to improve. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking good art should just flow and be there, perfect of paper or canvas, but the truth is the artists that have produced these amazing works have gone through a lot of trial and error, have taken the time to learn new techniques and have pushes boundaries. These beautiful art work you see created have also mostly come from passion and from the heart. So when you are creating don’t paint what you think would look cool or trendy, paint what you feel passionate about, draw what inspires you and what you find beautiful because it’s the sincerity of art that makes it so alluring, the expression of ones self and soul.

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