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Art For The Home

Art comes in many shapes and forms, mostly we think of art as something done by the masters or incredibly gifted people painting with water colours or acrylics but art is so much more than just a painting on the wall, we see it in our everyday life all around us. Art is something beautiful or thoughtful to look at, it can create feelings within us, soothe and excite us, give of a certain mood. That’s why filling your home with art can be important. I’m not talking wall to ceiling covered in expensive art works, though if you have the money go right ahead! But it’s a lovely practice to decorate our homes with art. It can be a great way to show through your personality and add those personal touches to a space that make a house a home. The great thing about art is also that you can do it yourself! And bellow are some ideas that can help you fill your space with colour and vibrancy and a part of you.

The Theme

If you are wishing to add some art into your home, the first thing to think about it your overall theme. Has your house already been decorated in a particular style or do you have a strong colour theme going on? If so it’s important to look at what art will work well within the colour schemes or existing themes that you have going on. If not and you’re place is a bit all over the place, by adding art you may be able to transform your house into a place that is a little more connected and by putting in art pieces with certain colour or style similarities you can really create a theme that runs through your house making it look a whole lot more pulled together.

Sourcing On A Budget

Now you’ve thought long and hard about what styles you think may best suit your home, it’s time to source some pieces. Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if you’re reading this you may not be a millionaire art collector…If you are, well I guess you already know what to do! I’m talking to the people who are wanting to create some arty magic on a budget within their own home. So let’s get brainstorming. There are many places you can buy photo stock printed canvas’s from, but lets be honest we want this art to be about you, not just what’s ‘on trend’ at the moment. Decorating your home is a personal thing so it stands to reason the art you choose to display should be personal too.


Photos can make beautiful art pieces. Look through your family photos and see if there are a few that stand out to you, they don’t have to be the regular photos with everyone in a line in matching outfits, look for the special memory shots. There may be one photo that really inspires you and you can have the others follow theme. For example if you found an old black and white photo you loved, why not choose that as a photo theme and adjust some of your newer photos to that format. There are many ways to have you photos displayed as well. You can frame them or get them printed onto canvas. Make a choice you will be able to stick with. Every photo doesn’t have to have a matching frame but it should have a similar running theme to it or you will risk it looking a bit disorganized and a bit of a shambles.

Photos can also be ones from vacations or just beautiful landscapes you or friends have been able to capture.


If photos are not quite you thing, or if you want to mix it up a little how about some drawings and sketches. Now if you don’t have the talent for sketching yourself there are plenty of amazing emerging artists that sell their prints online or at local markets. Cruise around to local markets and see if anything takes your fancy, you’ll be finding something unique and at the same time supporting someone working on their passion. Online there are plenty or crafty hubs that sell amazing artwork also for not ridiculous prices. Having a look at things that are unique can add a great flavor to your home and can become cherished family pieces.


The same thing goes for paintings. There are plenty of artists who are doing amazing work that you can support without breaking your own bank. A lot of artists sell prints of their original works also. You may not get a one of the kind but it will surely be more rare than a paining from kmart, and be a lot better quality and nicer to look at.


You can also have a go at doing it yourself. There are some many little crafty artistic projects online that can give you great ideas to be able to make your own art even if you don’t consider yourself gifted in that area. What could be more personal than something you have created? Have a look and see what you can come up with.

Kids Art

If you have kids, take advantage of their love of creative expression and frame some of the beautiful drawings they have done for you. This can make for some very unique and interesting pieces for sure. And seeing their own art beautifully framed on the walls will give them a great sense of pride.

Have A Go

There are so many things you can do to bring art into your home, these are just a few. By covering your walls with your own artistic expression and taste you are letting people know who you are but more importantly you are creating a space that you love to be in and that will bring a smile to your face each time you open the front door.

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