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Best Type of Art for Corporate Offices

When you enter a corporate office, it is not uncommon to see beautiful and sometimes complex art hanging on the walls. Art, for the longest time, has been known to improve the entire ambiance of the room. Most people put creativity in their homes, businesses, and even offices to enhance the atmosphere in their spaces. However, did you know that art can also improve your mood? This is why you will find some beautiful and colorful paintings in some of the most prominent offices.

People do not just hang artwork for no reason. We are going to look at some of the different reasons why people want art in workplaces. Furthermore, we are going to discuss the qualities of the best type of art for corporate offices.

Why people put art in their offices?

At first, you might not think about how art affects the workplace. In most cases, we assume that art in the office is solely for aesthetic purposes. However, there is more to it than just beauty and decoration. Here are some reasons why people consider putting art in their corporate offices:

Enhance CreativityTo enhance creativity.

Now, when we talk about art in the office, most people think colorful paintings, This is not the usual case, though as most offices will put artwork that is related to their employees as well as the nature of the business. This typically aims to unlock the creative potential of the employees.

To do so, the employees will draw inspiration from the art in their offices. For instance, you are going to find colorful and comforting art in a marketing agency office. This is because marketers always need to tap into their creativity now and then to produce great results.

To improve productivity.

Employee satisfaction is an essential factor in business success. Art will not directly hand your employees happiness and fulfillment at workplaces — however, art is known to bring about peace and calmness in general. Your employees need to be at peace so they can deliver excellent results.

In a study by the Exeter University School of Psychology, researchers found out that employees working in offices with art are more motivated and inspired than others who work in offices with no artwork. As quoted by Forbes, art in corporate offices has a way to enhance employee productivity.

To connect with clients.

It is entirely more comfortable to convince a client to work with you when you tap into their emotions. A great example is when you walk into a law firm. You are likely to see different types of art on the walls, particularly in the lounge or in the attorney’s office. Usually, art is mainly created to get into the client’s emotions. Clients will even talk about their feelings, intentions, and expectations more comfortably.

To enhance the atmosphere.

As we had mentioned earlier, art has a way to enhance the atmosphere in the office. Usually, people will choose a particular piece of art because of how it makes them feel. There is a certain feeling that you always want to have in the office.

For instance, a bank will display great pieces of art on their walls. This type of art is usually meant to bring calmness and a feeling of success. They want to let you know that you can reach your financial goals. Not only will this help the bank connect with you, but you will also have high confidence in entrusting your finances with them as well.

This is the same way a therapist’s office gives you a warm feeling, exposing you to an atmosphere where you can express yourself and be yourself.

Improve Atmosphere

Choosing the best type of art for corporate offices

Now that we have already discussed some of the reasons why you should consider office art let’s talk about what makes a good piece of art for a corporate office. Below is an outline of the qualities of art for your office according to your purpose.

Get the right colors.

You already know the purpose of getting office art, but you have no idea what to go for. Color is a critical aspect to consider during the picking process. Your artwork should match the environment and personality of the company. Well, if we go back to branding, color is vital in representing the company’s personality. It is how people distinguish you from your competitors.

Since your art might be the first impression your clients will have of your business and even investors too, it is crucial to make sure it corresponds with your chosen company theme colors.


The impression created by your art is an important aspect as well. This is because it is the primary basis of any relationship with your potential clients. For instance, it would be odd to put up artwork featuring people dancing in a doctor’s office. This would lack relevance and meaning and thus send a very confusing impression on you.

Therefore, consider the message or feeling you want people to have when looking to get art for your office. Make sure the feeling is relevant to your line of work before investing in one.

Always go for the quality.

Most people will struggle to try to get the right kind of art to hang on their offices, and most often, you might go for the popularity of the artist rather than quality. I do not mean to degrade the fantastic works of the most famous artists, but then again, we need to look at the quality of art we are putting in our offices. It is essential to understand that office art is mostly meant to affect others in the office.

quality office artwork

So, go for the quality of art rather than picking it because of the popularity of the creator. Art in the office is not all about having a classy and chic look. It is essential to look at the decorative aspect of the artwork. It does not have to cost you a fortune to deliver the purpose of the art. When we are talking about quality in office arts, think about colors, content, and message of the art as well as the sizes.

Give it a personal touch.

Once you have found the right kind of art for your office, now it is time to consider putting a personal touch to it. What is it that makes that artwork perfect for you? Does it reflect something that you value? Does it represent your personality? It is essential that you go for something that you also like since you are the one going to spend much time in your office.

In conclusion, art is not only pleasant, but it can have effects on your productivity and creativity too. Employees in a corporate office will often need motivation and inspiration. There are many aspects that you will have to consider when getting artwork for a corporate setting. First, it should reflect the personality of the business. Next, think about your clients when getting artwork for your corporate office.

All in all, the best type of art for corporate offices are those that can enhance creativity, productivity and also showcase the business personality. In other cases, the art directly showcases your brand.

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