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Cut Down on Your Screen Time and Maximize Your Creative Time

Have you ever found your self getting distracted while you’re in the moment of creating? An alert on your phone or a notification on Facebook? It seems to happen to the best of us. You can be right in the midst of creating something amazing and all of a sudden a bright blue light and an artificial alert noise breaks through your creative concentration and you find yourself totally distracted and getting back into the moment in incredibly hard. The thing about screens whether it’s a laptop, tablet or phone is they are so incredibly addictive and designed to be hard to put away. There is so much going on on your small device that not to check it every few minutes for updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pintrest seems like you’re somehow missing out on something very important. It is so hard to pick up your phone just to check that one message without getting sucked into a vortex where all of a sudden you find yourself endlessly scrolling or checking out what your cousins ex boyfriends new girlfriend was wearing to that party last night.

Many a creative wave has been blocked because of succumbing to the temptation of staring into a small screen. They are also a wonderful tool for procrastination. If you are perhaps feeling a little stuck in your work it becomes so much easier to pick up your tablet and watch videos of kittens on YouTube than to really sit with your work and find out what is going on and how you can persevere through your block and stay inspired.

There are things you can do however, to switch yourself off from technology and stay in your creative mind to get the most out of your work however, and bellow are listed some top hacks to get you out of the screen void and back into your creative mind.

Becoming Unattached

In this modern world we have become more and more attached to our certain devices that leaving even the bedroom without our phone becomes something that can’t be done. We are forever wanting to feel connected and stay up to date with things that often don’t even matter that we often let real life and the things we enjoy the most slip on by. So the first step is to become unattached. Often when people put this into practice it becomes a lot harder that first thought.

Becoming unattached means being able to create distance between you and your screens to the point where you feel okay to leave them behind or switch off from them and not have mad anxiety that you may be missing out on staying minute to minute up to date with everything that is going on. And it is about realizing that to fully enter the right frame of mind to create you need to not have meaningless distractions

Working From Home

If you do most of your creative work at home then you will often be surrounded by multiple devices. The main key is to take them away from the room where you are doing your creating. If you do it in your bedroom, them during the time you have allocated to create, put them out into the kitchen or lounge to get rid of the temptation, often out of sight out of mind can really help.

Working Elsewhere

If you are creating from a space that is not your home then often you need to bring your phone with you to stay connect or organize things when you are not able to be contacted from your home address. This can make it hard to simply just leave your phone behind. And often you may have to have your phone in the same room as you. This is where you can use some of the great functions that smart phones have. You can either just turn your phone off, but if you are using it to check the time then you may just want to switch it to airplane mode so that no signal is coming into your phone but you can still use it for basic purposes. Some smart phones also have the option to have incoming messages and alerts come in silently without even lighting up the screen. Take a look into your smart phone and see what options it does have that could work for you.

Waiting for a call?

Now sometimes you may be expecting a call or a message that is unavoidable. So you will feel like you need to have your phone with you and switched on. In this case you could try either disabling the data or wifi on your phone so you can’t use the internet but are still able to get a phone signal, or you can try putting it in another room with the ringer turned up, so that way you can still hear It but you will not have the temptation to be constantly looking at your screen and getting distracted by it.

Self Discipline

Disconnecting from screens requires a lot of self discipline. You really need to want to be involved in your project and have other things that are a strong enough pull to distract you from the ultimate distraction! But in having said that, devices can have a certain addictiveness to them that is hard to break free from, that is why you may need to start yourself on a bit of a program of gradually weaning yourself of your device before just totally disconnecting from it for half a day.

The Weaning Process

You can start in a very simple way but making a few boundaries for yourself such as not picking up your phone before a certain time in the morning. It’s often best to choose a time that comes after you have done your first basic morning tasks. Showered, ate got ready for work/school. If you normally wake around 6:30am then how about setting yourself the time for 8am to look at your phone/laptop/tablet. When we start our day by looking straight at our phone, whatever information we find on there can have a huge affect on our day. So it pays off to have those first waking hours to keep to yourself and in that time allow for your creative juices to start flowing.

Through out the day give yourself social media ‘check’ times possibly after lunch for 10-15 minutes or in the late afternoon. You may have to use your phone to make calls of send texts that can be important, but once you start looking at unimportant things on your phone is when you will find yourself loosing your creative energy and becoming a bit more lethargic.

Turning away from your phone a few hours before your bedtime can also really help give your mind a break and let you have time to think and cultivate your own wonderful ideas that will help you stimulate your art.

Once you start to create boundaries like this you will find it easier and easier to go longer at a tie without having to check your screens and so when you are feeling the urge to create putting down that tablet for the day wont seem that difficult and you will be able to focus a lot more without the constant stress of worrying about missing out on what is happening in the virtual world.


Creating art is one of the most amazing things you can do both for yourself and to share with the world. By creating you are able to express yourself and also connect with others so it’s so important to nurture your creative soul and your own beautiful ideas without becoming distracted by things that may be having a negative effect on your own inspiration.

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