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Incorporating Art Into Your Everyday Life

Art can often seem like something too time consuming, and although we may have a yearning to get stuck into a great work it seems we never have enough hours in the day to do the things we are passionate about. But instead of saving all your create energy for a rainy day when we may magically have some spare time to sit down uninterrupted for hours and get into it how about working out some ways to incorporate art into your everyday life, thus bringing in a little more beauty to the mundane and finding more ways to express yourself sincerely. The artist in you ways to run free and not be saved up for special moments but to be used freely and fluidly as part of your ordinary life. Below are some suggestions on how you can bring art into your everyday, and with it, a little more joy.

Making Moments

Our lives are fast paced as it is and making time for art may seem like it should be down the bottom of the list, under work, cleaning, cooking and every other thing we are meant to fit into our days, but making time for art can be rewarding even if it is only for 10 minutes a day. We can use art as meditation and a way to calm our mind amongst the hustle and bustle and also as a way to express our thoughts and feelings, letting go of negative tension and channeling it instead into something good. So think about those stolen moments you may have during the day where you reach for your phone and scroll on through as a way of switching off and instead maybe take out your sketchbook. Or those times you are waiting for a coffee in a long line, or for an email to come through. If you start to see art as more of a priority for your state of well being not just as a fun hobby you will start to notice just how many little moments there are during the day where you can slide in a bit of art work. Bellow are a few suggestions of the easy ways you can create art on the day to day.

Sketch Pads

We carried them around as kids or used the corners of our school books and assignments to doodle on to help us focus in the classroom, so why not carry around a notebook now? You could leave one at your desk at work as a bit of a doodle pad, to absentmindedly scribble on while you are on the phone or waiting for a call. Although doodling may not feel so artistic at the time, you never know what you may end up with and it could be that some of your little scribbles inspire drawings in the future.

Another beautiful way to use sketch pads is to carry them with you in your bag or purse, if you have half an hour for your lunch break, try finding a nearby park or even a coffee shop where you can sit and sketch the scenes around you. Again these need not to be masterpieces but simply a way of motivating your mind and some inspiration to call on later.

Adult Colouring Books

When these first appeared on the market they seemed like a bit of a gimmick, but years later they are still going strong as we realized that we never really lost that inner child who loves to colour between the lines. Colouring books can be great for when we feel like we don’t have a lot of mind power, or maybe not to creative energy to sketch dramatic lines. With colouring in all you have the picture laid out for you and all you have to do is choose your colour scheme and away you go. This can be great for a commute if your take the train or bus to work, even a lovely activity to do with your kids when you’re wanting some quiet time. Colouring can get you into a wonderfully meditive state and help calm and soothe the mind, the perfect thing to do when you have a little coffee break and need a mental break to!


In the Age of Technology even our phones have hi tech cameras on them this makes photography easier than ever and seeing as we generally have our phones on us most of the time why not use them for something constructive and arty and take some pictures. Getting into photography can be a great way to open up your eyes to your surrounds and notice things you may have never noticed before. In different light at different times of day the same scene can dramatically change. It may be the little things you start to notice, like reflections in puddles or a formation of leaves on the grass or it could be dramatic sunsets or city silhouettes that take your fancy. If you are struggling to know what to take pictures of you can set yourself photo challenges, even search online for some. Some photo challenges are taking a picture of something starting with A right down to Z in a month. Or a photo a day of a particular theme like circles, or even colours like purple. This can help you to look outside the box and gaze at the world around you seeing things in a new light, and the beautiful thing is you can do this wherever you are, walking to and from work, on a lunch break, on your evening walk around the lake, or even at the park with your kids. There are always opportunities for creativity.

Living Creatively

Living creatively and incorporating art into your everyday life can be as simple as making an effort to dress in a more artful way, or to decorate your meals lovingly. Incorporating art into your world does not even have to be in the traditional sense of drawing or painting but can also be in the way you express yourself and how you go about your day. Taking to time to stop and notice the beauty around you, and consciously looking for interesting things, making an effort to talk to different people on the train ride home and share stories. Getting stuck into a good book that helps fill you with wonder and intrigue. These are all ways of living artfully and the more you practice these things the more they will become naturally parts of your daily routines and habits and make for a happier more joy filled life. Don’t save art for the weekends, get into it now!


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